Alfonso was leaking

 ultraviolet lighting

K_Van ultraviolet lighting system to reduce exposure to airborne diseases

Alfonso was leaking, bleeding badly, white body fluff. I was not certain if he would survive, would be devastated if he would not, but his bleeding intrigued me like the blood clotted scabs on my knee. They should not be picked at, and yet knowing I pulled the small thread that was sticking out of Alfonso’s upper abdomen, and two came out. Alfonso

My future lies in buildings. Building and re-building. Speedy deadlines in a world where floors might not meet walls. Clients and professionalisms. Proposals relating to progressive collapse. Full evacuation capabilities from buildings are an industry issue, and an important marketing tool.
As a child I rode on bicycles with knees covered in constant renewable scabs. A child that made rescue missions to the bottom of the pond to save toys in dire need of rescuing from deep ocean dangers. A small bedroom that was transformed into a skiing resort with cable cars perilously suspended high on mother’s fragile sewing thread.
Granger has fallen. A horrid accident. It happened during a routine check. The car tire had slipped, the winch rope taught with strain frayed over the edge of the rock. A nasty fall. In slow motion, the plastic squealed as the car tumbled and rolled slowly down the deep ravine. Unconscious he lay there. His companion dog dead. NO not dead. It was Tom his mate who sat next to him in the bus. Tombo, his mate, lay dead, his brain smashed under a tree trunk. The tree trunk that came rolling down the mountain as the car rolled down the ravine.
Granger can you hear me the radio cracked.
From the watch tower ZF looked out. The mist rolled in. He could not see.
Should I send out the special helicopter, the one with super sonic vision to make out the heat of the exhausts on Fredo Jimbo’s car.

It’s Jerry on the phone for you,
Hey Jerry.         Yeah      just fine, listen yeah,         just came back from the meeting.
Okay      no, Fred recognises the problem, and admits that bold projects are not cheap. But he claims to have a number of private sector players offering to build his barrier at no cost to the public purse. There are also two major changes, the fire service elevator needs to be hardened. And we are looking at an ultraviolet lighting system to reduce exposure to airborne diseases.

A mummified crocodile lies at the bottom left hand corner of the top wall cupboard of my bedroom. A baby crocodile I had found on the riverbed washed up and baked dry in the sun one late summer. I had wrapped it up in some paper and later at home had added bandages from a small first aid kit that was stored in the kitchen. I wrapped up the baby crocodile, tight, until it became like a little cigar and then I smeared it with glue. Later, when it began to smell, I dipped it into a tin of clear varnish my father kept in the garage, and laid it down on a newspaper to dry. It dried and a bit of the newspaper stuck to the underbelly and it looks as if it is labeled, for sale bedroom suite. During that same year, I also had a snake in a glass jar filled with alcohol. Rupert the dog from next door, jumped on my table, I was at school. The jar and snake rolled off the table, and shattered on the floor. When I returned the alcohol had evaporated, the snake remained limp on the ground. Dead as it was I was afraid and asked my mother to remove the serpent.
The adventures unfolded; Jimbo and the sea snake. They could see the ocean water shimmer. The land rover churned up the blanket, rolling and waving on the sand dunes of Laurence. We suffered the heat. Grander said NO. The tank was full and it was time to fly.

In the wasteland a city started to materialize. The airport is undergoing a 4.1-billion-US dollar expansion project, which includes a mega-terminal exclusively for cargo. Trend values, after removal of price changes, show that non-residential building work in the area has risen for the past four quarters.

Jimbo and Grander lay on the pillow. A table lamp glaring into their faces.
Wake up Jimbo, Jimbo.
Where are we Grander? 
We are on a marooned island. We crashed our boat during the storm last night, pointing towards the wreck that lay on its side at the edge of the pillow.
I think we will die here. The sun is boiling us above.
In the base station of the desk drawer ZF had already taken off on its 2nd reconnaissance mission.
Come in over, Sniffer barked into the microphone and pulled out the controllers of the super machine and it gently rolled on its back making a whooshing sound. Suspended in his harness Sniffer tilted his head back and scanned the surface. There was no sign of them anywhere. Quick! a surveillance of the living room, then the kitchen for something to eat.
Where are they? Granger! Jimbo!

Building collapses at Bayyudah airport site
A wall of a building under construction at Bayyudah airport collapsed on
Monday, killing at least eight workers and injuring 12 others, local radio channels reported.
The official SUNA news agency put the death toll at 5.
“No missing workers are reported,” the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) said in a statement.

This was the first major accident ever to occur at the Dubai International Airport during construction, and it was tragic, said the statement. A wall, a section of the reinforcement cage, fell and trapped the workers. Emergency personnel responded immediately and rushed to the site. The work site is in disarray, I must leave at once. Happiness is what I want to remember when I shut the front door of the apartment. I lock the door then unlock it, open it and shut it. There you are, still sleeping and there was no need to lock you in. Two thousand and 5. It is five thirty four in the morning I leave the building, it might be months before he would return. The taxi is already waiting. It is raining, 450 raindrops, perhaps more would fall on our roof per second. I hunger to be back inside. I crane my neck upwards, arch my back and I look for the origin of the rain. A rain drop hits me square upon the eyeball. I jolt, it stings. I stagger. One eyed I find the taxi, step in the back. ‘to the airport’. My eye feels bruised. I tilt my head back, and slump back in the seat. I open and close my eyelids, squeezing out the tears before opening them and staring out the window towards that gray skyline. As we pick up speed the high buildings change their shape. My eyes are led towards a new horizon. The tops of buildings, a gap,  building,  gap. The taxi takes a corner I lose my bearing.
We have lift off
Granger this is ZF, Alfonso is leaking we must find him quick.

Alfonso was leaking


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