nominated for the fourth Beijing International Art Biennale


Upon entering our living room I adjusted the curtains that were partly covering the left side of the window. We had all left in a hurry that morning. My son’s pyjamas, his milk bottle and ‘baby tiger’ were left at ease on the couch. I started that afternoon rearranging the house and whilst doing so also started the computer and logged into my email . The first email opened with Nice to meet you! Your art has been nominated to join BIAB in Beijing by Chinese Artists Association.
I read the mail again ...This is Jack from Special Speed International Logistics co.,
Bewildered I read it again, then I phoned Sofia, ‘I think that my work has been selected for the fourth Beijing International Art Biennale’.
That was the start.

Now my work has a work number 55-2-1, a wooden crate was build and it has been transported to Beijing. I have a ticket to Beijing and my visa is pasted proudly in my passport. I am most excited to go.
The opening ceremony will start on Monday the 20th of September and on the 21st the symposium will begin. I am most excited to take part.
the report:/a-report-on-the-4th-beijing-international-art-biennale/

The theme:
the environment concern and human existence and the ideal of art .
I shall be presenting
placing a value on art and our environment.

Our environment and art run parallel as both could be considered as priceless. Priceless as in worthless or as unaffordable. What is the price of one m2 of a painting or one hectare of virgin rain-forest. Once a painting or forest is destroyed and lost to us, what is their value and by what standard do we measure this loss?
I will show examples from the art group Gaidaro when we exhibited art works to the public without names, prices and titles. I shall discuss the reaction of artists and public.
Is there a way to re-evaluate our art and the environment without a monetary value but by maintaining the awareness of their importance for our human existence? The Internet is already providing us with part of the solution. What other solutions are there to enhance the global awareness?

read on /placing-a-value-on-art-and-our-environment/

link to fourth Beijing International Art Biennale website


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