Melt Art Fair

Mile End Art Pavilion
Clinton Road (off Grove Road)
Mile End Park, E3 4QY

October 12th -17th Tue to Sat 11am – 6pm, Sun: 11am – 5pm
Private View: 13th October 6pm – 8.30pm (RSVP) is delighted to present Melt Art Fair at the Mile End Pavilion. Offering a fresh alternative to the trad itional art fair culture, Melt is an independent venture showcasing a variety of disciplines – painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video.
Based a stone’s throw away from the Olympic Park, Melt will unite emerging artists from London’s East End artistic community with a cohort of  international artists, both promoting the art scene in the East End abroad, whilst granting international artists an introduction to the London art world.

Aaron Russell, Alice Cunningham, Atsuhide Ito, Axelle Russo, Brian Crotty, Dave Farnham, Debbie Budenberg, Dolores Sanchez Calvo, Flavia Fernandes, Francisco Nicolas, Gaea Todd, Giacomo Picca, Gwen Ramsay,  Hyung Wook Lee, Ida, Irene Godfrey, Isobel Crawford, Jason Robinson, Jon Mayers, K_Van, Laura Jacobs, Linda Lencovic, Ling-Ting Kao, Litson Malcom, Lorenzo Belenguer, Louisa Chambers, Mandy Hudson, Martine Saurel, Matthew Krishanu, Michelle Fletcher, Neil Kelly, Nessa Finnegan, Pacorrosa, Pilar Saenz, Richi Donoso-Cortés, Robin Dixon, Sofia Kapnissi, Wayne Chisnall, Will Gould, Lewis Acott

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read more on about my project: /time-capsule-spare-parts/


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One thought on “Melt Art Fair PRESS RELEASE

  1. oh, I just saw this photo. I always liked photos of exhibition preparations. They have an element of hope, this expectancy that we will see something new; maybe because it is the last path of the creation process: put them all together and let them speak.

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