lets talk and do nothing for 200 euro.

Not all efforts succeed.

I move towards the telephone, ahh should I call? It will be all or nothing.
Late December the city council offered me a budget of 300 Euro to buy Christmas lights to cheer up the vacant shop window to deter vandals and possible squatters entering the building. I had already installed my own lights, not 300 Euro s worth, but 30 tiny lights that would go on and off in various speeds. It did the job, but there was room for improvement, I had a plan. The art cube project [a project that would display sculptures in a small black cube in the shop window]. I needed 200 Euro to buy wood and paint to build the cube.
With the budget I wrote a plan with illustrations and had emailed them to the  art council. Then followed up with a telephone call. Enthusiastically they referred me to the council office. They in turn equally enthusiastically send me to the city council. By now I had spend 5 hours communicating.
Its weeks later no answer, time to cut the loss. Now or never, I dial the number. busy
I put the phone down, releaved sweaty hands, but no result and that was not good. I try again, its the fax, wrong number.

So you see I am asking for 200 Euro to help us with the material costs, you had offered 300 for Christmas.

But there is a problem, the guys at the city council don’t like the guys at the art council and there is a stand off.

So we  are not going to pay for any art project.
THe End

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