Exhibition proposal

exhibitions, Not all efforts succeed.

Small wooden sculptures and drawings

Wooden object

The works of this exhibition are based on the basic forms; spheres, blocks, pyramids that are merged together or subtracted from each other; each action to be studied and looked at. It is up to the viewer to use the imagination and determine the scale of the object. An object might suggest a tiny synthetic anvil that passes vibrations from the hammer to the stirrup in our ear, or might suggest an enormous outer space sun ray shield shading the earth from global warming. The scale that determines our vulnerability with the vast universal space around us or the vulnerability of the object as we tower above it.
Practical exhibition proposal
1) 20 Drawings in box frames aprox 20x20cm
2) 10 box frames aprox 20x20cm with wooden sculptures
3) 10 small wooden sculptures on small pedestals

Small wooden sculptures and drawings

Drawing a box, a tube, an angled or rounded block has always fascinated me. Adding or subtracting new objects to its existing form can make a simple irregular form take on the architectural design of a Sahara eco-hotel complex or an obscure section of a pilot valve controller for a submarine. In the making of the wooden sculpture I search for a balance in weight and the objects outer edges. The result of a truncated cone with the intersecting plane of two joined pyramids might not be in balance if the cone is too large or the plane intersects at the wrong angle. Even in a 3 dimensional piece there is a beginning and an end. I sketch the shapes using a pencil, remodel them using 3d software. After finding the right piece of wood I machine mill the object and finish them off by hand using a fine chisel and sanding paper.
brochure wood K_Van

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