Summary, I object

Art& dialogue

Day 5 Art & Dialogue

One night I managed to get to the cinema. I walked for about an hour, I needed to get away from the intense internal dialogue about art, and longed for a movie that required little thought and that would last over two hours. A science fiction blockbuster. The plot was straight forward: they came and we beat them. In terms of the developmental model of inter-cultural sensitivity, it reached the Ethnocentric stage ”denial then defense”. It is Stephen Hawking who recommends us not to seek-out aliens contact.
Needless to say alien life intrigues us and it seems that the world (or a few specialists) is prepared, for their arrival or return. Scenarios have been worked out. The aliens will come, use up our water, suck up our oxygen, waste our natural resources, spread deadly deceases, make us into slaves or pets and to top that, they will come down upon us and smash our culture into little bits.

On the last day of Art & Dialogue, it was our turn to talk about our own art projects that we had in mind for the future. We were challenged to think and rethink our projects.

I object
Once rocks could talk, now we love our espresso machine

(text Sofia Kapnissi)
read more about the project

The task that I would return home with seemed immense. To be an artist, to be an educator and teach those that have no interest, to generate resources for the arts and for our daily bread. Truly this is like being a tree in the jungle, a fruit and a volunteer for Greenpeace in one lifespan.

During our last few moments together under the Russian tea room gallery we fixed on our brainstorm sessions.
I OBJECT: What is the goal?
the viewer gets revived, energized by looking at the I object.
What other links are there with revive?
Yoga, rejuvenate, spa, relax, coffee, break, vending machine, talk, exchange, inspire, no pressure, travel.
Can you link them up?
Unlike a movie, our time was up.

  • Leena would go back to help the art educators find their way back into the arts
  • Rumyana would captivate a younger audience for the gallery
  • Andrea will revive a sculpture garden (
  • Adele will continue her work linking artists with researcher,  artists with writes, artists with ecologists, artists with … in order for both parties to work together reaching for undefined goals.
  • Philip continues his  internship at the Musée d’Ixelles in Brussels  ( help school children get a better connection between art and their more formal school subjects

I hope to be able to  link their progress soon

Again taking Milton Bennett’s Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, I ask myself, do I have to present a project to people in the  Ethnocentric stage; denial, defense and minimization? No.
If the project is presented to people that have already accepted contemporary art and/or any of these ideas {revive, energize, yoga, rejuvenate, spa, relax, coffee, break, talk, exchange, inspire, no pressure, travel}
that ought to work.

From our group several people showed keen interest to get this project off the ground. If you want to follow the progress, or at some stage participate, you can subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. (home->right column, down)

question: will we see the I OBJECT in our local yoga gym? Not quite

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