Introduction Beijing International Biennale 2012

Beijing International Art Biennale, writing

In the next 9 days I will report on the Beijing International Biennale 2012. It will be an account of my impressions, adventures and thoughts.
In July I received an email from Daniel employee at a logistic company, Germany.
Could you confirm that we can pick up your work on Tuesday morning for the Beijing show?.
Reply: sorry Daniel, I am in Greece at the moment, but next week Thursday I’ll be back, and we can make an arrangement to have the crate picked up.
Reply from Daniel: the work will be put in a container next week Wednesday, so please find some one to give us your work.
Fortunately my work was already crated and ready for shipping. But how was I going to find some one, to break in to my studio, and arrange with a truck driver to pick up my work within the next 4 days?

 sculpture of animals with two children by K Van

The work that was chosen was the top part of a triptych entitled: sculpture of animals with two children

I had started on the work in the late summer of 2011, a complete break through in idea’s and colours. Previously I had been busy on the series of 50 paintings. I had started them in 2006 with the idea to improve my painting skills and approach. Sofia Kapnissi had recommended this exercise, saying, make it as if the viewer can taste the paint. A three month exercise training lasted 5 years, painting layer upon layer of paint on 30x40cm canvases.

''definitive death and infinity'' K_Van

”definitive death and infinity” K_Van

In the mean time I also was experimenting with 3d work, computer animations, modelling and CNC techniques. When it was time to start thinking about the work for the  Biennale, Sofia suggested I paint the sculpture of the animals. I made a few trial paintings.

No, Sofia advised and gave back my trial painting, Your paintings should be closer to the work on the computer, use the greens and the grays and the block of colour.

Again I went back to the studio. Having used the sculpture of animals with two children in an other art work of textile “mama’s art’’ I decided to use embroidery thread to represent the vectors. Again in the studio I did several experiments with threads and knotting, and painting, and projecting and coping. The result a triptych, and a start to a brand-new style of painting.
After 5 years of painting 50 canvases layer upon layer, exploring digital creation of objects, CNC and 3d printing this was a moment that the lose actions where starting to congeal in to one creative bundle.

The crate with the label Beijing international Biennale was picked up on Tuesday 24 July 2012. It arrived one day too late for the container, and had to be flown separately to Beijing.

Tomorrow Day 1 arrival.

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