painting black silk


A few months ago, on a brief visit to the Gemeente Museum of the Hague we had a look at the masters from the Mauritshuis a temporary display of paintings from the Mauritshuis while it is undergoing renovation. The paintings included works of Vermeer’s View of Delft, Potter’s The Bull and Rembrandt’s Anatomical Lesson. With the audio guide at hand Mickey and I went from painting to painting typing in the number listed next to each work and listening to stories and historical information surrounding the artwork. As we spent our time with the paintings, the artworks seemed to grow in their breathtaking splendour. Each moment seemed to place me in a time beyond reality. Black silk slashed sleeves painted with uncanny clarity. A double white pearl necklace strung on horse hair shifts on closer inspection to what I think is a physical mixture of white lead, ochre and linseed oil. Stepping back I’m looking at the portrait of Anna Wake by Anthony van Dyck. My mind raced between the illusions and the painter’s paint. A truly fabulous collection.

Anna Wake, Anthony van Dyck

Anna Wake by Anthony van Dyck


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