Day5 Beijing International Art Biennale 2012 farewell

Beijing International Art Biennale, writing

The next movie would start at 15:00, an American movie, I insist on the 14:00, I did not want to wait, but it started 15 minutes ago, the cashier felt obliged to point out. But that´s okay, I sometimes like the challenge of catching up with the main plot of the movie. Some times a block buster can turn out even better half missed. I was guided from one usher to the next with a very little light, this was no longer the international hotel, where boys stood and waited sleepy, promptly I was shown my row, and found my seat in the darkened space as someone with a gun walked stealthily on the big screen. Now Bruce Willis was doing the shooting, as I huddled down in my seat. It was not a happy flick, we did not laugh. With the conference over and the artists gone, contact seemed to have ended.

Before leaving the hotel I spoke and met up with Annetta Stylianou, Tatiana Farahian, MD.Aloptogin, Rafiqul Haque, Aleksandre Gelashvili, Marina Tikhonova & Nikolay Tikhonov, Roger Thompson, Helena Henrietta Vogelzang , Miroslav Mandic, Kristina Ristic, Koeh Sai Yong, Mansour Ciss,

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