Day 7 theatre

Beijing International Art Biennale, writing

It will all be in Chinese, the cashier informed me.
I will come and look, I replied.
For the arts you don’t need language, she replied with a smile.

Beijing People’s Art Theatre

That evening I returned to the Beijing People’s Art theatre. The area in front of the theatre that had always been empty during the day was now full with seriously expensive looking vehicles. Excited to watch a play about money and greed in the company of 200 other people I entered the foyer and there was a great atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.  My seat was on the second floor, balcony, at the front, the cashier had chosen well. The lights dimmed, the show began. The story was about the greed of a young couple that ran an old age home. To finance their flamboyant lifestyle, the couple swindled heirlooms from their clients.  When the pressure of life achievements are questioned, doubt sets in and paths are reformed. I must confess that I dropped off once or twice allowing people from my dreams to interact with the play, which added to a whole new dimension of theatre experience.
A most enjoyable evening.

Today I said farewell to William Robert Steven who I met out side an art store.

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