Day 8 Today Art Museum

Beijing International Art Biennale, writing

A Happy Xmas sign lay on its side in one of the galleries, it was difficult to read if this small art area surrounding the Today Art Museum was on the decline or needed maintenance. The building 1 of the museum was closed, but a work crew busy in their moon festival holidays break was making up for lost time.

Building 2 was open, I was the first guest. On the first floor I saw the results of a printmaking workshop. I found one of the flyers advertising the event.
Woodcut workshop. Bring your favourite drawing or a photo and under the guidance of a woodcut printmaker make your own woodcut.
I counted some 200 works that were neatly framed and displayed. It showed some real talent and it was nice to see a museum/ gallery involved with educating people about the physical process of making art. Their previous project involved primary school children and parents exploring colours through taste.
Upstairs showed a collection of Korean artists involved with a cultural exchange. Using traditional techniques mixed with new media, it felt like a breeze of fresh air.
Building 3 showed the work of Xiaotian Zhang’s  abstract works entitled Soliloquy. I was fortunate to meet the artist. We exchanged cards, and he gave me a beautiful catalogue of his work. The paintings are very quiet and minimalistic. I studied his works with care, knowing I could deepen and improve my own work by listening and looking at these silent encounters.

For dinner I met up with Tobias Marx

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