self-acceptance over coffee

Art processing

If it becomes too easy, Sofia tells me over a morning coffee, your work is no longer true. We are talking about painting.
You should always remain on the edge.
On Friday morning  I entitle the week self-acceptance. It is after a long week of harsh reflection, digging through a field of emotional triggers from the past and finding easy faults in others, finding more sensitive blunders closer at heart.  I had been going over my art work and life of the last 20 years. As an artist I have a small physical collection of family photographs to help me recall my history running parallel with a documentation of my art work. Each body of paintings or drawings falling into a chapter of my life. Some chapters are good, others miserably poor. I have to embrace the self-acceptance.

Sofia continues, if you are not the best, you should accept it and have peace.

Mr Invincible, image still of an animation, oil on wood 25cmx25cm
the Hague, the Netherlands 2000


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