workshop painting the other-self Gaidaro


In this workshop we are going to test our artist’s low budget PVA black and white paint. We will do the short form of the other-self Gaidaro painting exercise. It is an exercise in which the painter learns to open him/her up to influences from outside.
The write-up about this project are the results of the artists Moffat, Gersham, Mavis, Wycliffe, Joe,  Sky and K_Van from the First Floor gallery of Harare. I hope that teachers and artists will follow the workshop and discover the power of the other-self Gaidaro painting technique

Participants 6-8

black and white PVA paint, 8 canvas

Ground rules of each workshop (see previous workshop)


We are all going to get one canvas. We have 60 min to paint on it using our own made black and white paint. Use the paint in its black or white form without mixing it into grey.

output 8 paintings. Document the paintings on camera.

Observe the painting carefully, choose a painting that inspires you to continue on. You have 30 min to add to the painting

output 8 paintings worked on by two people.
Document the paintings on camera.

Choose  a painting. This time you have 20 min, but use at least 10 min to observe the painting before you start painting.
Document the paintings on camera.

Repeat the process until each painter has worked on all the canvases

Today’s conclusions: 10 min

the paints that we made are good. The black oxide with water and PVA make a strong paint. The house hold white paint with PVA is also workable and is strong enough to cover the black. In Zimbabwe the paint dries fast.

In the photo result you can see where paintings have been good, better, or have slipped away by careless painting. It is a great exercise, and in most cases you can see that the exchange had produce something stronger than the results of one painter by him/her self


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