Bridges 2013 Art Exhibition


Mathematical art is quite something. I remember sitting down at the age of 10 with a pair of compasses , a pencil, a ruler and a bunch of black and mint green pattern samples made with overlapping arcs. I spend many happy hours trying to recreate the patterns. Mathematical art is much more than intersecting patterns or 3D printed hyperbole, as I came to discover in the Bridges 2013 Art Exhibition. I had entered my polygon paintings.
On 2013 Bridges page the you can discover many strange applications.

for example

  • Jane Adler (Fiber Artist, Math Tutor, Programmer)uses tessellations in her quilt work.




  • Robin Endelman, is a mathematician (abstract algebra, representation theory), and when not doing mathematics, is an excessive knitter. The work at the exhibition depicts the Yang Baxter equation.


  • Dmitri Kozlov, architect, scientist, works with cyclic periodic knots made of steel wire resulting in kinetic structures.



  • Roberto Giardili, artist, sculpture teacher and electronic engineer, professor at Univ. Tec. Nac. (retired) designs and constructs sculptures inspired by fractal geometry through traditional methods.



  • If that is not enough, George Hart has some great videos on juggling

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