Beyond imagination

Art processing, Beyond imagination

‎Yearly the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam acquires art work for their permanent collection. On 17 November 2011 I uploaded my submission form sending my proposal to the jurors for the selection 2012.

In my proposal I write:
A digital imaged developed and generated in a 3D design program will be reduced back to its lines. I will represent the vectors using coloured embroidery threads on canvas.
As an artist I have to smile at myself, for the journey I am about to undergo will take me through the process of reducing the complexity of the digital computer world in to an image beyond the imagination using paint, needle and thread.


vector lines are represented by different colored embroidery threads.

Two years have passed since then and like any traveler I have walked the imaginary path a hundred times. Now I am eager to start the physical journey. A journey beyond the imagination.
For the months to come, I will document my progress on this blog, and hope that you will follow.



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