fixed, Initialization Failed on BlackBerry


A few weeks ago my son got a new smart phone (an Android Iphone look-a-like) and his old phone became obsolete.
I’m going to sell my old one at school, he announced.
A Blackberry that he had bought proudly from one of his school mates not more than a year ago. It seemed a pity to dismiss the Torch 9800 with its physical QWERTY keyboard and sliding multi-touch screen, so I bought it from him.
My son emptied the phone and then it was mine.

On inserting the SIM card and rebooting the message read: Initialization Failed. I looked it up on the web and found the following advice:

  • Telephone is blocked–> no, the phone was sim lock free.
  • Restart, take battery out, leave it over night–> no, the next morning it still did not work
  • Put pieces of paper between sim card and holder to make better contact–> no, that did not work, I used 3 folds of paper, but bent the holder,  so after that the telephone read insert Sim card. Then I had to use the 3 folded paper strip
  • Reinstall the firmware –> no, that did not do it, but with the BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife I put a fresh copy of the operating system on the phone.

On the street I found an old discarded sim card. Let me try that I thought.
But no luck, yet in my other working telephone the card worked. Conclusion: there is something wrong with the hardware and it is time for more drastic measures.

connector_pinI removed the cover and cleaned the phone. Then under a strong light I could see that a connecting pin was bend down. With very small screw driver I bend all the 6 pins up and pressed the metal housing plate down. Then I reinserted the sim card, and yes it worked.
I fixed the mute and lock button by removing dust that had accumulated in the button.

Conclusion:Initialization Failed could be understood as the sim card not connecting properly.  A piece of  paper wedged between the sim card and holder could fix this, but if the connector pins are bent down too far, you have to pull them back . (be careful not to break them).
It is a great thing to fix things that are not meant to be fixed 🙂


5 thoughts on “fixed, Initialization Failed on BlackBerry

  1. a very nice share dude, thx, my niece have the same problem with her blackberry belagio, now i have the courage to try to fix it, wish me luck… 😉

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