Vectors in the 80ties

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fulcrum_holder, 30 x 45cm, photo on dibond

In the technical drawing class we would get assignments to draw intersecting planes, and to determine the length of their intersecting line by means of projection. This is in the 80ties, pencil, rulers and paper and the school master of the John Orr technical high school sternly paced up and down, thirty-five boys sat at their drawing tables. Each one of us measuring and moving rulers and pencils up and down the paper and imagining abstract planes suspended in the air above our heads. Later we moved away from the drawing board and advanced to Gaussian elimination in the university. But much of this I do not remember. It is rather the physical presence of vectors and planes drawn on smudged paper that has stayed embedded in my mind. To sum up: memory visualized.
The simplicity of the vector still inspire me, or the presence of a plane suspended weightlessly in the air. During the days prior to making an art work I make countless sketches of weightless objects in drawing books, or I make small wooden sculptures or clay studies. From this work I choose a few models that I convert into 3D models using 3d software. I observe the model, determine how it sits in space and then I reduce it to two dimensions, replacing the depth for colour. The colours that I use for the distant planes are shifted toward the blue end of the
spectrum, while the ”warm” and lighter colours are used for the planes closer towards the viewer.

In this work 1980_ski_lift_house I have chosen a cold blue for the background. The object is highlighted with light violet giving a sense of orientation while the front grid with a warm pink, give the object extra depth.


1980_ski_lift_house, 30 x 45cm, photo on dibond

There are two background planes at work in torque_pivot. The warmness of the grey C15M16Y25K0 seems to push the cooler grey plane C29M20Y3K0 down. The yellow torque_pivot hold the two planes in balance.

Print K_Van

torque_pivot (cold), 30 x 45cm, photo on dibond

Print K_Van

torque_pivot (warm), 30 x 45cm, photo on dibond


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