Returning home

writing, Zimbabwe
wooden object

wooden object

A satisfied feeling came over me when I returned home after the exhibition. And so I had to analyze my feelings, and question what was special about this particular presentation. I believe I made people ask questions about their own value, and I too asked this to myself.
It is my 3rd solo exhibition in Harare. The first one in 199r, then 2012 and now in 2014. I, the audience and the artworks have changed.
My first exhibition with more than 50 diverse works produced in less that a year while I stayed in Southern Africa, had prints and paintings commenting on life in southern Africa. Narrative images like ‘Jack leaves with thoughts of revenge’, paintings inspired by social unrest and comic books.
During last three days in Harare I have freed myself up to explore the clouds using a video camera. The clouds form low balloons in the skies after eleven o’clock. Out on the grass, I would point the camera up towards the sky and record five minutes at the time. Replaying the video in FForward mode made me see the familiar rolling motion patterns of the clouds and the rotating objects that was part of the exhibition. This is something that I take with me and needs to be further addressed in the studio.
solarThe rotating objects that I took with me to show are driven by solar motors. When the sunlight fills the exhibition space the solar cells convert the energy and power the tiny motors, making the object turn. It is magical and peaceful. But the opening was during the dark evening and Marcus came with an innovative solution; the torch. So during the opening the audience armed with torches could activate the mechanism and examine the rotating objects with a beam of light and play with the shadows on the backdrop.
During the opening people were absorbed by the objects, studying each one with childlike curiosity, walking from object to object. And then the questions are. What are they? What does it symbolize? And how does it reflect to the observer?

a bull on the hill

Bull on the hill

C tells me how the bull triggered memories of his youth. When living in the rural areas they had a bull. On some occasions the bull would escape from the pen. And they would always find the beast on top of a steep inclining hill looking out over the horizon like a mountain goat.
This (the reflections) is what I take back home with me.

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