Active learning


[Future projection 2024 ] Sarah walks out of the FAB-lab, she has just had an prosthetic replacement hip printed on a 3d printer. It is her own design and her final assignment for the Institute for prosthesis and orthesen. The Fab lab is situated in 34 countries and the small workshops provide a high-tech computerised tools ‘to make just about anything’. For Sarah the concept of the Fab-lab is not new. 10 years earlier in primary school her brothers introduced her to the local open art studio. Volunteers helped small groups of kids materialize their own creations. The basic tools where provided for; paper, pencils, scissors, glue, clay, saws, hammers, screwdrivers, sandpaper and varnish. The volunteers instructed the children how to use the tools safely and correctly, and would coach/guide them in their project.
My brothers would conjure up all sorts of invention,’ Sarah recalls, ‘some times we would sit up all night watching YouTube clips on how to make plastic rockets. As long as you had an idea and a drive the volunteers could guide you along. Of coarse we did all the work our self. Sometimes we would have a retired carpenter, a local artist or I remember a banker that was an expert on model making. At home we did not have the art supplies, the space nor the tools, but at the open studio we materialized our fantasy. In fact we made all our own toys.’

gas_regulator Painting: Oil on Canvas.

gas_regulator Painting: Oil on Canvas.


The Open Studio for children provides an environment where children can work on their creative(art) talents.
or the problem: [Develop a system and/or place where children can evolve their creative(art) talents]

There are 3 main reasons having a Open Studio for children.
·         Encourage the creative driving force by helping the creator to create.
·         10.000 hours (Malcom Gladwell  decribles in Outliers  how talent surfaces with hours of practice).
·         Participation of the children and adults.

Clients: Children, volunteers and sponsors.
Time and Money: the pilot project for the duration of 3months can be run on current resources. After an evaluation we will need to look for sponsors to finance the coordination of the project.
Expertise: from the coordination and volunteers.

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