I created a painting called “Blue” using my favorite color, Prussian Blue oil paint. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of the depth and versatility of this color. I can almost smell the linseed oil in my mind’s nose. The white unpainted space left on the canvas serves as a pause between the rich, deep blue color and the lean use of paint.

Prussian Blue has a magic to it that I find hard to describe. To me, it’s both “soft” and “magical”. Its ability to cling onto any surface is what makes it so special, but it also means I’ve ruined countless carpets, furniture, and floors with the paint, not to mention clothes like coats, pants, shoes, and shirts. Despite all this, my love for this paint remains unchanged and I will always keep a tube of it in my paintbox.

Tip: If you want to enhance the magic of Prussian Blue, try adding lots of linseed oil to the paint. This will increase the fluidity of the paint and make it spread smoothly over the surface. You can also play around with the feel of the painting by applying washes over previous layers of paint.

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