The Troubles: A Reflection in Art


In March 1993, a tragic event occurred in Warrington, England. A bomb, planted by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), detonated on a busy street, killing two young boys and injuring dozens of others. The tragic event caused mass protests in both Britain and Ireland and served as a poignant reminder of the devastating effects of the decades-long conflict known as “The Troubles.”

The painting is made in a naive style and can be read as both an act of harm or healing. The hand could be of the perpetrator bringing harm, representing the IRA’s violent actions, while the finger-pointing could be seen as pushing a figure out of harm’s way, representing a gesture of hope and protection.

With this painting I want to remember that this is not a complex issue, it is a human issue that involves the lives of ordinary people. I want to show the victims of the conflict, as innocent and blameless in a situation that is beyond their control.

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