Open Call for Proposals 2014

Beyond imagination, Not all efforts succeed.

In this particular proposal, we were asked to send in a YouTube video pitch. In a kind email explaining the selection process and the intensive process, my pitch is rejected,  but according to my YouTube click statistics, no one has watched this video since I put it on-line. No hard feelings but Ireland’s Biennial Limerick City International 2014 you are not playing a straight game.

Dear K_ Van,

Many thanks for your proposal(s) to participate in eva International 2014.
There has been an incredible response to this year’s open call with an extraordinary range of proposals from artists based in 96 countries worldwide. The selection process has been a very interesting and intensive process, identifying many artists who I would like to work with for eva International 2014 and also for future projects.

I regret to inform you that on this occasion your proposal(s) has not been selected for inclusion in eva International 2014. Due to the number of proposals it will not be possible to offer individual feedback, but I would like to let you know that the selection process has often not been about the quality or scope of the proposals but about the exhibition as a whole, so the final selection has been made on this basis rather than the quality of proposals.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare your proposal(s) and I would like to wish you every success with future projects.

Warm regards

Bassam El Baroni

eva International 2014
Ireland’s Biennial
Limerick City



What is the significance of these last notes.

Art processing, Beyond imagination

[from 5 top pieces of art work ever].

The lecturer stood in front of us. On the powerpoint projection, a single line of notes glared at us.
”What is the significance of these last notes?” the teacher repeated.
We did not know.

”It is the end. Listen if we take the last note away and loop it, it sounds like this. When we put them back, it sounds like this. The last 3 signify the end.”

”Look at this painting.”
A yellow painting came up on the display with 3 figures.
”Each painting has an end. This painting has a soft end, but look how it changes when we apply a hard end to the painting.”
The next slide came in, and the 3 figures in the painting all had a large penis painted over them.
”This,” continued the lecturer, ”is a hard end. A painting has a start middle and end. Sometimes, like this painting the end is too strong and the painting ends abruptly. Like the three ending notes. Go to the museums and to your art work and see if you can find the end of the painting and determine how strong the ending is.”

I had to think about this when I was awake. The ending of French composer Erik Satie’s piano composition Gymnopédies is so soft that the piece can start again and end at any moment allowing the listener’s attention to drift anywhere with in the music. Paintings also (as I discovered to my surprise) have a clear or subtle ending. The quieter the endings (as in music) allow the viewer to absorb the work more and experience their own being. The paintings Beyond the imagination also deal with tones and loops, three in fact and with endings. It is my intention to soften the ending. I do not know how, that is for later.
The note is made.

Beyond imagination,cleaning up

Art processing, Beyond imagination

Friday I picked up my order of canvases (150x100cm)
Saturday, stuck A3 printouts together and hung them in the project room.
The print outs of the drawings is too small, will have to redo them.
Outlined the dark area’s that will be painted grey.
Sunday started to rearrange the studio for the paintings.
Changed the order of the drawings
Monday prepared boxes for storage.

Todo: assemble the rest of the boxes….done
12 boxes

Beyond imagination, the start

Art processing, Beyond imagination

Two years ago I got bitten by the 3D print bug. It was after reading an article in the Make magazine. The 3D printer enables you to design an object in 3D programs such as Blender and Auto-cad. You upload your design file and the  3 D printer company prints it out and post the  object back home to you . The process is not new, in the 90ties a friend of mine working for the motor industry would some times  use rapid prototyping for engine parts.  But now the 3Dprinter online shops are more common and geared for small models and gift items.  Up to then I had been modeling wooden objects using CNC, with the draw back that it is 2 and a half D. You need to CNC mill one side of the plane, then you flip it over and do the other side. (Utsi Mutsi) An object such as the one below would be difficult to mill. boxBeing in awe of the new possibilities available  I send out for a material sample package from one on-line print company, went to a 3D printer get together, followed a few blogs, designed a number of objects, rockets, toys. Up to now I have not uploaded a single file to be printed, I still have my discount coupon from the sample package. I found that the image on the screen was more inspiring that the curiosity to have a object printed in a white powder. This has spurred me on the paint the objects that I have made on the screen. From 2011 up to today I have made 20 paintings of 3D object that can be seen on
From the toys that I designed two years ago, I have taken the images below.

voorstel01I have ordered 3 canvases 150x100cm.
The commitment has been made.
Next preparing the image.

Beyond imagination

Art processing, Beyond imagination

‎Yearly the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam acquires art work for their permanent collection. On 17 November 2011 I uploaded my submission form sending my proposal to the jurors for the selection 2012.

In my proposal I write:
A digital imaged developed and generated in a 3D design program will be reduced back to its lines. I will represent the vectors using coloured embroidery threads on canvas.
As an artist I have to smile at myself, for the journey I am about to undergo will take me through the process of reducing the complexity of the digital computer world in to an image beyond the imagination using paint, needle and thread.


vector lines are represented by different colored embroidery threads.

Two years have passed since then and like any traveler I have walked the imaginary path a hundred times. Now I am eager to start the physical journey. A journey beyond the imagination.
For the months to come, I will document my progress on this blog, and hope that you will follow.