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Rotating Objects

K_Van places small objects on a platform which rotates by means of a small mechanical device. The objects are experiments and studies that make part of an evolving process. The artist observes the shadows of the objects form on the surface, using this experience in his research of forms and texture for his paintings and drawings.
Rotatating objects in HarareThe theatre setting that he creates for these small works is made in such a way that the viewer focuses on the object. In this way the viewing point remains relatively static while the object reveals itself contrasting its contours on the backdrop.
K_Van uses wood, clay and paper to build the objects; in equally simple way, he draws in black and white multiple variations of these objects.

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First Floor Gallery Harare, opening 08 May 17:00

rotating objects

Lateral thinking

Art processing, exhibitions

In 1996 I set a task for myself, to create the most original painting  that I could think of. But how original can an idea be? Mind mapping shows us that new ideas are directly associated with a previous idea. So  10 solutions to a problem is a challenge. But I found that my solutions were taken from my direct surrounding. To break the closely associated thinking pattern I silk-screened the icon of a hand on 100 separate canvas boards (30x35cm) and started to paint. This enabled me to fan out my ideas, careful not to repeat painting techniques. The collection has been exhibited twice in the Hague, once in De Vrije Academie 1997 and the GeborgenKamers 2006. The paintings are going on sale via

Bridges 2013 Art Exhibition


Mathematical art is quite something. I remember sitting down at the age of 10 with a pair of compasses , a pencil, a ruler and a bunch of black and mint green pattern samples made with overlapping arcs. I spend many happy hours trying to recreate the patterns. Mathematical art is much more than intersecting patterns or 3D printed hyperbole, as I came to discover in the Bridges 2013 Art Exhibition. I had entered my polygon paintings.
On 2013 Bridges page the you can discover many strange applications.

for example

  • Jane Adler (Fiber Artist, Math Tutor, Programmer)uses tessellations in her quilt work.




  • Robin Endelman, is a mathematician (abstract algebra, representation theory), and when not doing mathematics, is an excessive knitter. The work at the exhibition depicts the Yang Baxter equation.


  • Dmitri Kozlov, architect, scientist, works with cyclic periodic knots made of steel wire resulting in kinetic structures.



  • Roberto Giardili, artist, sculpture teacher and electronic engineer, professor at Univ. Tec. Nac. (retired) designs and constructs sculptures inspired by fractal geometry through traditional methods.



  • If that is not enough, George Hart has some great videos on juggling

27 July 2013 … 01 September 2013 | Xania >

Chaniart 2013: Rust

Opening: Saturday July 27 2013.

Painting, sculpture, engraving, ceramics, photography, video-art, installations. Contemporary artistic references to the results of decaying and oblivion to the material and psychophysical world.

Curator:Viki Arvelaki & Ioannis N. Archontakis.

There is still not much to be found on the internet about the 2nd ChaniaArt route that takes you all over the Chania-town of Greece. But on the island of sun, you will find these paintings.

90 x 90 x 3 cm

K_Van Dual_tubing

As part of the “Chaniart 2013 – Artistic Routes at the Municipality of Chania”.

 90 x 90 x 3 cm

K Van bollard_bitt


Polygone Mesh in Harare

exhibitions, Zimbabwe
For those that are too far from Harare centre, I have made some photographs of the exhibition in the First Floor Gallery of Harare. The exhibition does not have titles, price-lists or name tags to disturb the visitor from enjoying the art.(true Gaidaro style)
K_Van, visual artist from the Netherlands shows his new paintings in
the First floor gallery Harare. It seems as if the objects in the paintings come out of the wall. Bulky, angular and industrial forms painted in tones and hues of green. “I break objects down with 3D design programs,” explains the artist, “Once I have a grid, I transfer the lines onto a canvas, tracing each vector using needle and thread.” The artist then paints the grids using oil paints in different layers and tones of colour. K_Van is not a new to Harare, he has exhibited here before in 1994. ‘My previous visit greatly influenced my work, this is the importance of cultural dialogue. When I returned home my vision had changed and I started to work  with a greater diversity of materials. Now that I am back, I realise that the Zimbabwean influence might have been deeper. Visiting the National Gallery of Zimbabwe again I looked at the strong angular lines in Nicholas Mukomberanwa’s sculptures. These lines must inspire many artists and I feel that through the years they have subconsciously influenced my work.

K_Van’s work can be seen at the First floor gallery Harare.
George Silundika ave 24 Mercury house from 10:30-17:00 or by appointment.

The exhibition will run until the 1st of December 2012 with a presentation at 17:00

a Nicholas Mukomberanwa’s sculpture

exhibition in Harare

exhibitions, Zimbabwe

On Monday 26 November 2012, my new works will be on show in the

If you are in Harare and would like to see my exhibition, send me a text message on 0776600683.
George Silundika ave 24 Mercury house from 10:30-17:00 or by appointment

The exhibition will run until the 1st of December 2012


with many thanks to the Mondriaan Foundation for their support.

Painter dwells on cross-cultural virtues, Zimbabwee

exhibitions, Zimbabwe

K_Van travels back to Zimbabwe

Painter dwells on cross-cultural virtues
Martin Chemhere

THIS is the poetic side of K_Van a young Dutch painter whose recent exhibition of impressions of daily life in Southern Africa ran for a week in John Boyne Gallery *in Harare. A culmination of an ongoing cultural research. The exhibition features drawings, paintings and graphical work. Highlighting cross-cultural virtues as experienced by the artists.

SUNDAY TIMES MARCH 6, 1994  ’published without fear or favour” ‘

[John Boyne Gallery was a galley space sponsored by a bank in Harare. For a relatively low rent artists could use it to exhibit their works. The gallery no longer exists.]

Unlike my travels in 1994, I will be presenting paintings that where made in the Netherlands in 2012. I am curious about the reactions that I will get. Paintings from 1994 like ‘Aids and incest’ were not easily accessible.  What will the polygones do?

aanwas 8 opening


Aanwas is the annual exhibition of the new members of the BBK.
17 – 26 November in the Loods 6, Amsterdam.
The exhibition will be officially opened on Friday, November 16th. see Sofia Kapnissi’s review on the exhibition

BBK is the Union of Visual Artists in the Netherlands, made and directed by artists. The Aanwas exhibition occurs annually the last eight years (started on its 60th anniversary) showing works of new members. This year, in a quite new neighbourhood of North Amsterdam called KNSM eiland, Aanwas 8 opened its doors on Friday 16 November and will run until Sunday 25 November. Vincent van den Eijnde, director of the author’s rights organisation for visual creators Pictoright  was very right to insist on the thought that culture in its wider sense should be a constant priority so that all the rest finds any meaning.

Loods 6 , Amsterdam

Loods 6 , Amsterdam

Truus van Alphen, Claudia Bos, Lia van der Burgt, Regis Di Cóco, Marian Hage, Till Hegewald, Marjolein Innemee, Sofia Kapnissi, Chaya Kupperman, Hetty Looman, Magadel, Ine Oerlemans,
Pauline Prior, Jan Roedoe, K_Van, Kiki Roosma, Remke Spijkers, Els Vegter, CFM van de Ven, Wilma Vermeij, Robert Verhaaf /Zazou, Wim Wessling, MarjoleinWitte

The painting depicts a low polygon mesh representing the memory of a toy.

1979_toy_diving_bell, K_Van

Grote Haagse Kunstkalender 2013


the  great Hague Art Calendar 2013
isbn: 978 94 9060 Aug. 44 6
number of pages: 370
Size: 29,7 x 34 cm
published: 05/10/2012
selling price: € 29.95

With the success of the Great Rotterdam Art Calendar 2012, this year the Great Hague art calendar follows. The calendar shows a work of a contemporary artist of the Hague each day. This particular art calendar offers a platform of 365 renowned and upcoming Hague artists, designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, photographers and architects. It gives an original overview of the contemporary artists of the Hague and their work. This calender is for art lovers, but also for the ”Hagenaar” who wants to be surprised by the variety of the local arts.

bollard_bitt, oil on canvas

with works of

5th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2012 Future and Reality


I was pleased to receive notice from the Beijing International Art organization Committee, that the painting “sculpture of animals with two children” is selected for the 5th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2012

Opening ceremony on the 28th of September 2012.
The exhibition will be completed on the 22nd of October 2012.

read more in my report 10 days

theme Future and Reality
Human dreams for a bright future forever
Possible future bases on the reality at the foot

The prospect of the future has been always the ideological bailment of the sage of antiquity, from Chinese Liyun datong, to Republic of Plato in ancient Greece, and Utopia of Thomas More in England and so on, the depiction of the future becomes an important chapter in the art history. Every period has its distinct and picturesque branding, which only belongs to itself. The gesture of moving towards to the future of modern China attracts worldwide attention, and China also needs to know the world, which is moving towards the future.

with works of