K_Van (1968) uses visual arts to take you intimately close to his world of visions resulting from a search beyond the recognisable elements of the world as we know it.
By the age of sixteen he had lived on three different continents, ping-ponged seven times between languages and was averaging a new school once a year. These frequent changes in different environments and cultures resulted in a visual collection of images and feelings that inspire K_Van in his artistic work. In 1987 he started taking art classes in the Hague the Netherlands, followed by studies at the Free Academy of visual art of the Hague. In 2000 he was awarded a scholarship for studies at the Burren College of Art in Ireland.In this blog you can follow the creative process of the artists K_Van

2000-2001 Burren College of Art Ireland
1994-1998 de Vrije Academie the Hague Netherlands
1990-1991 de Vrije Academie the Hague Netherlands

2018 Squares 2018 CICA Museum, Korea
BiennaleLarnaca 2018, Cyprus

2017 The Wrong Biennale the global digital art festival.
PyeongChang Biennale, Gangneung, South Korea
2016 Dysfunctionalities of Contemporary Art 2, Lefkosia, Cyprus
2015 Kölner Liste with stichting Gaidaro, Cologne, Germany
          Ruhr Biennale
2014 Berliner Liste with stichting Gaidaro, Berlin
First floor gallery Harare
2013  Maths art WWII gallery Enchede, Netherlands
XaniArt Crete, Greece
Bridges international mathematical art, Enchede, Netherlands
2012  First floor gallery Harare
Nieuwe aanwas Amsterdam
Beijing International Art Biennale, China
Biennale of Santorini
2010 Melt Art Fair, Mile End Pavilion, London UK
Beijing International Art Biennale, China
2008 illuminators, Airport Koltsovo,Yekaterinburg Russia
Mama´s arts, GeborgenKamers, the Hague Netherlands
2007 Time and Space, GeborgenKamers, the Hague Netherlands
Words-no words, GeborgenKamers
Exhibition around the world, GeborgenKamers
2003 Dusk, Artb-gaidaro, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cork, Athens
La Science de l’Art, Jacques Frank, Brussels Belgium
2001 Presentation, Burren College of Art, Ireland
Re-inventing the post stamp, Burrren Collage
2008 Visual arts a resource for units 2a-2b (images) Australia
2007 de geborgen kamers van Transvaal Netherlands
1999 Gaidaro on Tour a european story Netherlands
1996 a dry point on telephone cards Netherlands
2000  Nuffic scholarship.
2000 “kunststof recycling prijs” Federatie NRK Netherlands.
Since 2010 Art instructor Trias centre of the arts Rijswijk
Since 2007 Art coordinator Zebra social welfare The Hague
1999 Founding member of the Gaidaro Foundation, The Hague


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