beautiful notebook


Just last week Miroslav Mandic send me a beautiful notebook that he recently made himself. Rejected woodcut prints on high quality paper cut into strips and hand bound into a book form.
He tells me that in the beginning he made the books just for fun, then realized that he can communicate with other people on another level. There is also something great in small things and gestures that make people happy.

Miroslav Mandic
I think this is brilliant. I can interact in the note book with my own thoughts and sketches.
In this spirit, I too will send an other artist something small as a gesture to happiness.
thanks Miroslav!

(I met Miroslav Mandic during the 5th Beijing International Art Biennale)

5th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2012 Future and Reality


I was pleased to receive notice from the Beijing International Art organization Committee, that the painting “sculpture of animals with two children” is selected for the 5th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2012

Opening ceremony on the 28th of September 2012.
The exhibition will be completed on the 22nd of October 2012.

read more in my report 10 days

theme Future and Reality
Human dreams for a bright future forever
Possible future bases on the reality at the foot

The prospect of the future has been always the ideological bailment of the sage of antiquity, from Chinese Liyun datong, to Republic of Plato in ancient Greece, and Utopia of Thomas More in England and so on, the depiction of the future becomes an important chapter in the art history. Every period has its distinct and picturesque branding, which only belongs to itself. The gesture of moving towards to the future of modern China attracts worldwide attention, and China also needs to know the world, which is moving towards the future.

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