5 art scams exposed.


Scam 1:

January 2006

Good day to you. I will like to know if this painting  “man with wings” of yours is still for sale and to know the least price. However, i will make my payment with a cheek, so i will like you to provide me your contact details in the manner below…

If you reply to this, they will tell you that a check is waiting for you at Western Union, but they continue “I have a check of $5000,could you pay the difference first? ” At the Western Union the check is waiting, you pay the difference. Once you get your check it bounces. http://stopartscams.blogspot.nl/

Scam 2:

November 2013

Contact through  gallery website like Saatchi.com
I found your beautiful painting  ‘two dogs’ on the site. It still for sale? I really love it and would like to buy it immediately for my father who is very ill. The painting would remind him of the dogs we used to have. I am working on an oil rig and can only wire you the money through your personal email.

If you reply to this, you are out side the protection of the on-line gallery and the person will cheat you out of your money like scam 1.

Scam 3:

April 2013

AWARDS: $15,000 in cash grant

Dig a bit further and you see that you have to pay somewhere between $50-$100 to participate. Do your self a favour and buy a scratch card.

Scam 4:

May 2013

Dear  Koert,
Congratulations again for your  wonderful and  powerful artworks.   It  really  interesting code  to read.  As    you know this  year  Berlin  will be  the  Capital of Contemporary Art  … and this  exhibition will  feature the most  interesting   15  artists in  Europe in 2013 The  group  show  will  held  at  Galerie  xx in  Berlin  from  July  6th   to  August 3rd, 2013. The  opening  Reception  will be  Saturday  July 6th
There  will  be a  Full  color  catalogue (English/German).  10  Copies  to each  artist.
There  is  a    25% commission of the  sale  of  paintings or  if the  artist  wants  to  sell.
The  artist  will  be  responsible  of  the  transportation   of the  artworks
5000  postcards    for  all   Berlin in  occasion of  the Exhibition
The  exhibition  fee  is  650  Euro

Dig a bit further and you see that the gallery holder will clear 9000 Euro in a month, you have to pay 650 euro + 500 euro in transport and insurance costs. And do you think that the gallery owner is going to sell your work? No he is already planning the next exhibition.

Scam 5:

October 2013

Call for 2014-15 Exhibition Proposals

xx Gallery, a 35-year-old non-profit space for new art in xx, seeks exhibition proposals for its 2014-2015 season….The online application consists of up to 10 total digital images…..and a $20 application fee.

What do you think? Thanx for the cash, now you are on their newsletter email list for the 2015-2016 proposal round