writing, Zimbabwe

mondriaan fondsIn April I had met Valerie Kabov during the Art & Dialogue course in Paris. I had lived in  Harare in 1994, she is living in Harare now and runs the First floor gallery space in Harare. In May we met again, briefly, in Amsterdam, to discuss an exhibition. Valerie had already made contacts with the Mondriaan foundation in Amsterdam for funding.

Harare, the rain season has started, I had arrived the night before. During my first walk in the city my eyes would well op with tears. 18 years is a long time to be away, and my sight triggered by so many memories left my brain scrambling to find the right emotions. It is like a dream and not. The past firmly rooted in my memories has to come to terms. The streets and buildings have changed. The songs of the birds seem to be the same. The cell phones and the air time is new. The smell of wax on the floor is old, the cream doughnuts  seem to be larger. The street boys that were 10 years old should now be 28.

A visit to Centquatre

Art& dialogue

Field trip 2 Art & Dialogue

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon I entered the 39 000 m²  multi-purpose and multi-disciplinary Centquatre: visual arts, film screenings, theater,  installations and most apparent a social environment for the public and street dancers.

A visit to le Louvre

Art& dialogue

Field trip 1 Art & Dialogue

The first assignment from the Elan interculturel ran as follows:

Select a section of the museum and assess the curation in line with the new paradigms studied in the course in reference to audiences of different cultural backgrounds that each participant deals with in their daily work environments and their likely responds

On entering le Louvre and acquiring  a map, I set about deciding which section I should investigate.  Immediately the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman section sprang out in Prussian blue.