Day 9 travel and conclusion

Beijing International Art Biennale

Trailing my suitcases behind me, I was at the airport, retracing my steps to where I had landed a little bit more than a week ago. This was the moment to finalize and draw the conclusions, to see what had changed in me and what remained unmoved.
In this short trip I saw a lot of outstanding art, at times I was intimidated by the sheer size, numbers and the technical skill used to produce the work. The Art industry scared me outright, reducing me to a speck of dust in the wind.
Walking down the long corridors of the Beijing Capital international airport I am trying to pep myself up, trying to pull above the 10.000 artists in the  Songzhuang art village. I must be better, do better! And I compare 10.000 with my inner individual struggle for creative originality. But quickly 10.000 sighs drown my voice. [personal note: don’t forget the I-object]

robot by Michael Julian (my son)

Lately I was listening to a BBC podcast about ageing. Most life stops, not through old age, but through accidents. Accidents in the widest sense. A warm summer’s day scorching the grass. Animals trapped in a forest fire. The accidental exposure to the wrong bacteria or virus. It seems that our life forms do not put special energy into prolonging life of an individual, but rather in procreating life to ensure the survival of the species on earth.
For humans, we need more than the spreading our DNA for our species to survive. Our existence is also linked to our culture. It allows us to share and express our emotions. Through the formation of culture we find ways to express ideas and pass on our thoughts and experiences.
Are 10.000 artists in Songzhuang enough for passing on their cultural ideas to 1.344.000.000 Chinese?
300.000 German artists for 81.000.000 Germans?
200,000 British artists for 63.000.000 Britains?
180,000 French artists for 65.000.000 people in France?
This is a moment to think latterly about our the future and reality.
a) Art is a product that should be kept exclusive in order to keep a high return value for the investor?

b) Artists carry and spread our cultural heritage, we need more artists to express ideas and pass on our thoughts and experiences.

The artist’s sketchbook


Last night I made another small sketch in my sketchbook. A small figure, a tube and base plate connected with a fin. The page is now turned and will stay that way for a month or even 2 years. These ideas and sketches form the basis of my art work. At some stage in the future, I will be going through the sketchbook, filtering through the images and ideas. An image that is ‘true’ will sparkle as if I had made it last night.

‘Tube, plate and fin’ drawing on paper

nominated for the fourth Beijing International Art Biennale


Upon entering our living room I adjusted the curtains that were partly covering the left side of the window. We had all left in a hurry that morning. My son’s pyjamas, his milk bottle and ‘baby tiger’ were left at ease on the couch. I started that afternoon rearranging the house and whilst doing so also started the computer and logged into my email . The first email opened with Nice to meet you! Your art has been nominated to join BIAB in Beijing by Chinese Artists Association.