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Art processing, Beyond imagination

Two years ago I got bitten by the 3D print bug. It was after reading an article in the Make magazine. The 3D printer enables you to design an object in 3D programs such as Blender and Auto-cad. You upload your design file and the  3 D printer company prints it out and post the  object back home to you . The process is not new, in the 90ties a friend of mine working for the motor industry would some times  use rapid prototyping for engine parts.  But now the 3Dprinter online shops are more common and geared for small models and gift items.  Up to then I had been modeling wooden objects using CNC, with the draw back that it is 2 and a half D. You need to CNC mill one side of the plane, then you flip it over and do the other side. (Utsi Mutsi) An object such as the one below would be difficult to mill. boxBeing in awe of the new possibilities available  I send out for a material sample package from one on-line print company, went to a 3D printer get together, followed a few blogs, designed a number of objects, rockets, toys. Up to now I have not uploaded a single file to be printed, I still have my discount coupon from the sample package. I found that the image on the screen was more inspiring that the curiosity to have a object printed in a white powder. This has spurred me on the paint the objects that I have made on the screen. From 2011 up to today I have made 20 paintings of 3D object that can be seen on
From the toys that I designed two years ago, I have taken the images below.

voorstel01I have ordered 3 canvases 150x100cm.
The commitment has been made.
Next preparing the image.