Presentation Polygone Mesh in Harare

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At 17:10 we started the presentation. In true Zimbabwean style I was introduced by a poet that told the modest gathering about my life and achievement. Mbiza Chrasha had taken the highlights out of my blog and CV and made a compelling story, stressing to the audience that education never stops for the persevering artist. Then it was my turn which I will present in point form.

Number and figures

We should level. From the art works that I make, I can not make a living. I work 20 hours as a social welfare worker and teach to make ends meet.  My income is spend on payments for food, housing, and health, little is left at the end of the month.

The exhibition and observations

For me an exhibition is an event where I can share my visions with others and give them something to think about , but foremost it is an event where I can confirm my own existence. The reactions from the audience is a mirror to see where I stand. It is almost like a laboratory experiment, knowing the question and testing the answers. Conditions have to be right for the experiment and I made fairly good preparations.

In the week that my exhibition was open, I noticed that only 5 people took the time to look at the works. Otherwise the First floor gallery was buzzing with creative people doing other things. What was going on? Was it too much like an office, lounge,  wrong setting?

Conclusion: I met many artists in the last few weeks, and in a  setting of the survival of the fittest, my work seemed only accessible to those who had trained themselves to look.

Older works

…photographs of my older works projected with the beamer….

1994 Harare, Zimbabwe, oil on canvas K_Van

1994 Harare, Zimbabwe, oil on canvas K_Van

New ways of working together and showing work

In 2008 Sofia Kapnissi(read more) and myself  organised the Mama’s arts exhibition.
We had been working together for years, with many different artists and we felt we should do something with textile art from the point of view of the artist. Through an open call for artists on the internet we collected many proposals and chose those works showing visual arts. This resulted in an outstanding exhibition. We brought together works and artists that were ready to be challenged and inspired by each other.

mama’s arts catalogue e-version mama's arts opening

The exhibition was held in an old pharmacy and old butchery at the outskirts of The Hague.
The artists (from all over the world) provided the transportation of the art works. We made an e-catalogue that could be printed. We did not get funding, but spent $100 on promotional cards and $50 for food and drinks during the opening). It took us a year to set it up and follow through.

It is projects like these that set the right settings for an event where the artist can share visions with each other (others may follow).

My works 3D Polygone

for this part I refer you to my article straight-lines-and-curved-lines


what do the objects represent, why do you paint them?  The objects are physical, mass, weight, size and time. They are earthly and emotionless, they have nothing to say. This is different to my previous work like ”Jack leaves with thoughts of revenge”. But I enjoy the silence of the objects. It allows my mind to be quite and my emotions go into the way I apply the paints and the colours. Once they are finished I love to look at them, each time I walk past them the angle changes and the object changes. Even the morning or afternoon light makes the object seem to float more or  it seems to come out of the wall.

where can we get the software to make 3D drawings: Sketchup and Blender are open source packages

18:30, it was time for the presentation of the IIFF 2012 closing and awards ceremony at the Book Cafe, Samora Machel with free food and drinks. We closed shop and moved on.

I would like to thank all the people that attended the talk for their time and interest in my art and my thoughts. After the talk I received questions and compliments about the works. Especially Mama’s arts textile art triggered the people.

Saturday: the exhibition gets a new venue