exhibition in Harare

exhibitions, Zimbabwe

On Monday 26 November 2012, my new works will be on show in the www.firstfloorgalleryharare.com

If you are in Harare and would like to see my exhibition, send me a text message on 0776600683.
George Silundika ave 24 Mercury house from 10:30-17:00 or by appointment

The exhibition will run until the 1st of December 2012


with many thanks to the Mondriaan Foundation for their support.https://i0.wp.com/shared.mondriaanfonds.nl/files/general/i_021/logo_mf_portal.jpg

aanwas 8 opening


Aanwas is the annual exhibition of the new members of the BBK.
17 – 26 November in the Loods 6, Amsterdam.
The exhibition will be officially opened on Friday, November 16th.

http://aanwasbbk.wordpress.com/ see Sofia Kapnissi’s review on the exhibition

BBK is the Union of Visual Artists in the Netherlands, made and directed by artists. The Aanwas exhibition occurs annually the last eight years (started on its 60th anniversary) showing works of new members. This year, in a quite new neighbourhood of North Amsterdam called KNSM eiland, Aanwas 8 opened its doors on Friday 16 November and will run until Sunday 25 November. Vincent van den Eijnde, director of the author’s rights organisation for visual creators Pictoright  was very right to insist on the thought that culture in its wider sense should be a constant priority so that all the rest finds any meaning.

Loods 6 , Amsterdam

Loods 6 , Amsterdam

Truus van Alphen, Claudia Bos, Lia van der Burgt, Regis Di Cóco, Marian Hage, Till Hegewald, Marjolein Innemee, Sofia Kapnissi, Chaya Kupperman, Hetty Looman, Magadel, Ine Oerlemans,
Pauline Prior, Jan Roedoe, K_Van, Kiki Roosma, Remke Spijkers, Els Vegter, CFM van de Ven, Wilma Vermeij, Robert Verhaaf /Zazou, Wim Wessling, MarjoleinWitte

The painting depicts a low polygon mesh representing the memory of a toy.

1979_toy_diving_bell, K_Van

Day 9 travel and conclusion

Beijing International Art Biennale

Trailing my suitcases behind me, I was at the airport, retracing my steps to where I had landed a little bit more than a week ago. This was the moment to finalize and draw the conclusions, to see what had changed in me and what remained unmoved.
In this short trip I saw a lot of outstanding art, at times I was intimidated by the sheer size, numbers and the technical skill used to produce the work. The Art industry scared me outright, reducing me to a speck of dust in the wind.
Walking down the long corridors of the Beijing Capital international airport I am trying to pep myself up, trying to pull above the 10.000 artists in the  Songzhuang art village. I must be better, do better! And I compare 10.000 with my inner individual struggle for creative originality. But quickly 10.000 sighs drown my voice. [personal note: don’t forget the I-object]

robot by Michael Julian (my son)

Lately I was listening to a BBC podcast about ageing. Most life stops, not through old age, but through accidents. Accidents in the widest sense. A warm summer’s day scorching the grass. Animals trapped in a forest fire. The accidental exposure to the wrong bacteria or virus. It seems that our life forms do not put special energy into prolonging life of an individual, but rather in procreating life to ensure the survival of the species on earth.
For humans, we need more than the spreading our DNA for our species to survive. Our existence is also linked to our culture. It allows us to share and express our emotions. Through the formation of culture we find ways to express ideas and pass on our thoughts and experiences.
Are 10.000 artists in Songzhuang enough for passing on their cultural ideas to 1.344.000.000 Chinese?
300.000 German artists for 81.000.000 Germans?
200,000 British artists for 63.000.000 Britains?
180,000 French artists for 65.000.000 people in France?
This is a moment to think latterly about our the future and reality.
a) Art is a product that should be kept exclusive in order to keep a high return value for the investor?

b) Artists carry and spread our cultural heritage, we need more artists to express ideas and pass on our thoughts and experiences.

Introduction Beijing International Biennale 2012

Beijing International Art Biennale, writing

In the next 9 days I will report on the Beijing International Biennale 2012. It will be an account of my impressions, adventures and thoughts.
In July I received an email from Daniel employee at a logistic company, Germany.
Could you confirm that we can pick up your work on Tuesday morning for the Beijing show?.
Reply: sorry Daniel, I am in Greece at the moment, but next week Thursday I’ll be back, and we can make an arrangement to have the crate picked up.
Reply from Daniel: the work will be put in a container next week Wednesday, so please find some one to give us your work.
Fortunately my work was already crated and ready for shipping. But how was I going to find some one, to break in to my studio, and arrange with a truck driver to pick up my work within the next 4 days?

 sculpture of animals with two children by K Van

The work that was chosen was the top part of a triptych entitled: sculpture of animals with two children

Straight lines and curved lines


step back this is what I make. Straight lines and curved lines.
The rest will fit into those lines that I draw.







Melt Art Fair

Mile End Art Pavilion
Clinton Road (off Grove Road)
Mile End Park, E3 4QY

October 12th -17th Tue to Sat 11am – 6pm, Sun: 11am – 5pm
Private View: 13th October 6pm – 8.30pm (RSVP)

Arthemisia.eu is delighted to present Melt Art Fair at the Mile End Pavilion. Offering a fresh alternative to the trad itional art fair culture, Melt is an independent venture showcasing a variety of disciplines – painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video.
Based a stone’s throw away from the Olympic Park, Melt will unite emerging artists from London’s East End artistic community with a cohort of  international artists, both promoting the art scene in the East End abroad, whilst granting international artists an introduction to the London art world.