HIFA 2014 day 4

writing, Zimbabwe

Has any one written a good book about Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation (10,000,000%) from 1998-2009. Today when I speak to people they are still in shock. Pensions disappeared, savings lost, mortgages exploded and property reclaimed. Shop shelves empty. People drove for hours to neighbouring countries to buy food for family and friends. Those that did not have cars camped in front of shops and ATMs hoping for good news. If you had $10 US you could fly with Air Zimbabwe to China and back using the local exchange rate? A book like this would go down as fiction, it is beyond the logic of mankind.

At this time it is good to mention AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers link
Ivor Hartmann, editor says ”it enables African writers to envision a future from our African perspective.” And I would like to add it enables writers to tell their stories of unimaginable truths.




HIFA 2014 day 4
At the national galley, Calvin Dondo presents his book with Africalia.be
“Hodhii Zimbabwe. This book is a knock on the door of a stone house, a calling to open up and discover its inner mirror, an urge to show itself to the world and find more authentic rhetoric”

[personal note: is African art about problem solving using restriction methods?]