Painter dwells on cross-cultural virtues, Zimbabwee

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K_Van travels back to Zimbabwe

Painter dwells on cross-cultural virtues
Martin Chemhere

THIS is the poetic side of K_Van a young Dutch painter whose recent exhibition of impressions of daily life in Southern Africa ran for a week in John Boyne Gallery *in Harare. A culmination of an ongoing cultural research. The exhibition features drawings, paintings and graphical work. Highlighting cross-cultural virtues as experienced by the artists.

SUNDAY TIMES MARCH 6, 1994  ’published without fear or favour” ‘

[John Boyne Gallery was a galley space sponsored by a bank in Harare. For a relatively low rent artists could use it to exhibit their works. The gallery no longer exists.]

Unlike my travels in 1994, I will be presenting paintings that where made in the Netherlands in 2012. I am curious about the reactions that I will get. Paintings from 1994 like ‘Aids and incest’ were not easily accessible.  What will the polygones do?

warm colours and cold

Art processing

Sofia came to the studio today. I asked her help. I was losing the paintings. The were becoming painterly paintings, some thing that I did not want and I can not do anyway. With in 10 minutes Sofia had it cracked. Indeed the background too full and busy,I would have to apply a lazure, gray, with a soft brush. Also Sofia said, a cold gray, this will increase the colour contrast with the warm green, and the objects will float again. Then the next thing you should try  with your new paintings is increase the size of the canvas, but not the objects. By placing the object in the right place you will create dynamics in the object. In this way you do not have to suggest a movement with your paint, making the painting simpler and stronger.

thanks for you wisdom Sofia ♥

Lazure: layers of paint prepared  thin and transparent