aanwas 8 opening


Aanwas is the annual exhibition of the new members of the BBK.
17 – 26 November in the Loods 6, Amsterdam.
The exhibition will be officially opened on Friday, November 16th.

http://aanwasbbk.wordpress.com/ see Sofia Kapnissi’s review on the exhibition

BBK is the Union of Visual Artists in the Netherlands, made and directed by artists. The Aanwas exhibition occurs annually the last eight years (started on its 60th anniversary) showing works of new members. This year, in a quite new neighbourhood of North Amsterdam called KNSM eiland, Aanwas 8 opened its doors on Friday 16 November and will run until Sunday 25 November. Vincent van den Eijnde, director of the author’s rights organisation for visual creators Pictoright  was very right to insist on the thought that culture in its wider sense should be a constant priority so that all the rest finds any meaning.

Loods 6 , Amsterdam

Loods 6 , Amsterdam

Truus van Alphen, Claudia Bos, Lia van der Burgt, Regis Di Cóco, Marian Hage, Till Hegewald, Marjolein Innemee, Sofia Kapnissi, Chaya Kupperman, Hetty Looman, Magadel, Ine Oerlemans,
Pauline Prior, Jan Roedoe, K_Van, Kiki Roosma, Remke Spijkers, Els Vegter, CFM van de Ven, Wilma Vermeij, Robert Verhaaf /Zazou, Wim Wessling, MarjoleinWitte

The painting depicts a low polygon mesh representing the memory of a toy.

1979_toy_diving_bell, K_Van

I object

Art& dialogue

Once rocks could talk, now we love our espresso machine

(text Sofia Kapnissi)

Objects, natural or manufactured, have a special place in the world as animated partners of our wishes, dreams and aspirations. Either as possessions or as symbols of identification, objects tell our story in a blunt way – the way of an object. Through history, artists next to the plain utensils would make objects that carried stories of fertility, childhood, worship, status, etc. At the same time, people would become a stone to hide from the enemy, a dagger to fight back, an ointment to heal the beloved. This sharing of humanity between people and objects is what the project I-object is about.
We ask artists to put themselves on the shelf as an object which will tell their story, a story.

Summary, I object

Art& dialogue

Day 5 Art & Dialogue

One night I managed to get to the cinema. I walked for about an hour, I needed to get away from the intense internal dialogue about art, and longed for a movie that required little thought and that would last over two hours. A science fiction blockbuster. The plot was straight forward: they came and we beat them.

“Intense Proximity”, La Triennale 2012

Art& dialogue

Field trip 4Art & Dialogue

waiting for the barbarians

On April 19, 2012, Paris’ newly renovated Palais de Tokyo opened La Triennale 2012 contemporary art exhibit and the Art & Dialogue group was invited.






Melt Art Fair

Mile End Art Pavilion
Clinton Road (off Grove Road)
Mile End Park, E3 4QY

October 12th -17th Tue to Sat 11am – 6pm, Sun: 11am – 5pm
Private View: 13th October 6pm – 8.30pm (RSVP)

Arthemisia.eu is delighted to present Melt Art Fair at the Mile End Pavilion. Offering a fresh alternative to the trad itional art fair culture, Melt is an independent venture showcasing a variety of disciplines – painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video.
Based a stone’s throw away from the Olympic Park, Melt will unite emerging artists from London’s East End artistic community with a cohort of  international artists, both promoting the art scene in the East End abroad, whilst granting international artists an introduction to the London art world.

Yes you reported a case about discrimination


K_Van 2002 20 x 30 cm Brussels

Yesterday I watched Boiler room and The crooked E on TV. It was a reminder of our financial crisis and how it all began. Greedy stockbrokers selling stocks that were filled with hot air. Psychopathic directors pushing their stockbrokers to sell hard. Guzzling people who yearned for the quick and bright failed to ask the appropriate questions.

a professional artist


K_Van 2002 20 x 30 cm Brussels Belgium

Sofia Kapnissi chair of Stichting Gaidaro and the brain and power of the GK has been told by Stroom (centre for arts in the Hague) that she is no longer considered to be a professional artist and have disqualified her membership.