“Hands on Yellow”


As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the world around me and the endless possibilities of colour and form. One of my favourite hues to work with is yellow, and I am particularly fond of this painting, which shows it in a unique and striking way.

In this painting, the hand rests comfortably in a window of warm yellow. I used a Cadmium yellow hue, which uses modern non-toxic pigments. This gives it a slight orange tinge that adds to the overall warmth of the oil paint.

One of the challenges of working with yellow is that it can be difficult to control and can easily smudge or spoil a piece. However, I applied the oil colour in a no-nonsense way that allowed it to settle confidently on the canvas.
Overall, this artwork is just a simple painting, it tells no story.
However, it has a presence and in its simple forms creates a sense of warmth and beauty.


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